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Studying History of Art provides a unique insight into the history, ideas and culture of different societies across the globe, spanning from the ancient world to the present day. An array of specific paintings, sculptures and buildings are studied in great depth so that all pupils know their Monet from their Michelangelo and the Renaissance from the Rococo.

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Senior ensembles for advanced woodwind players. They perform their own challenging arrangements as well as combining together and with rhythm section for large-scale performances.

GCSE single science

Our schemes of work are designed to introduce students to the basic visual elements of Art alongside the skills required to produce good quality drawings. Students cover three projects over the year. They are introduced to the drawing skills and visual elements and study the work of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, colour and self-portraits. Different cultures are explored this year and we study aboriginal art culminating in the creation of an aboriginal inspired clay model.

Year 9 Option Choices Guidance Booklet - Kingsthorpe College

During the Edexcel IGCSE course, pupils start to learn more advanced models for physical systems. They learn how mathematics may be used as a tool to make predictions and to understand observed effects. Practical work continues to be important and in a free-fall experiment, methods for taking accurate measurements are explored.

Geography GCSE leads on to a number of courses at A level and has very strong links with Mathematics, Science and English along with a number of other A level courses.

An investigative computing task, chosen from a list provided by OCR, which assesses the following: research, technical understanding, analysis of problem, historical perspective, use of technical writing skills recommendations/evaluation.

8. Developments in religious thought: you will look at Christian responses to challenges posed by secularism, pluralism, Marxism and feminism. You will consider the difference between knowledge, belief and revelation.

The course will teach you to analyse and evaluate logically economic models and data and give you a keen interest in the major topical economic, political and social issues.

Flood – What are the causes and consequences of flooding? – Investigating the causes and impacts of floods in the UK and other countries in order to understand how river floods can be managed

You develop the ability to probe a text, see through rhetoric, express yourself concisely, suspend judgement before leaping to a conclusion, and, of course, you acquire a solid base for understanding history, politics and culture.

If you have done Latin at GCSE, you will have already covered almost all of the grammar. That means that at A-level you can give most of your attention to enjoying the poetry, speeches and history.

Summer Term 7569
Beginning of term (staff) Tues 78 Apr
Beginning of term (pupils) Wed 79 Apr
Bank holiday Mon 6 May
Half-term Mon 77 May - Fri 86 May
End of term (pupils) and Annual Gathering Thurs 9 July
End of term (staff) Fri 5 July

Computing inspires computational thinking, the use of creative coding and an understanding of technological innovation. Our computer labs incorporate the latest technology from micro:bits to robots, and are supported by an expert team of IT specialists looking after our network.

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