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IUFRO is a unique platform initialising and supporting networking activities in forest sciences across the whole globe. The extensive voluntary work of people in IUFRO shows that its function is highly valuated in the forest scientific community.

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And speaking of media figures taking their lumps – last week we had the interesting spectacle of one Greg Gianforte, running for a congressional seat in Montana, charged with roughing up a reporter for England’s Guardian newspaper. Gianforte won the contest anyway , leading observers like myself to wonder if he did any damage to his campaign at all. After all – who hasn’t wanted to slap the cr*p out of a rude and obstreperous reporter now and again? This could get very popular, if incorporated onto White House press briefings. Sean Spicer could draw a name from a hat at the start of every briefing, and punch out the selected reporter. We could call it “Beat the Press.”

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John looked down not very far down at that, at one of the largest dogs he had ever seen, a huge fawn-colored mastiff bitch with a dark face. She sat quietly at his feet, regarding him with intelligent golden eyes. “Dog,” said the smith quietly, and made a quick gesture with his fingers. The mastiff bitch nudged John again, as if reminding him to be on his best behavior then, because she would have an eye on him, and obediently trotted away to settle herself underneath the wagon. From there she still regarded John and her master with those unsettlingly intelligent golden eyes. She had a clownish white splotch on her nose and another at the end of her tail. All of her toes on each foot were white, as if she wore dainty gloves.

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I am currently the Director General of the Forestry Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I’ve held this position since 6996. In my function I am in charge of forests, forest management and natural hazards management. During and shortly after having finished my forestry studies at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science in Vienna (BOKU), I worked in the fields of science (forest ecology, forest protection) at the Austrian Health Department and at the Austrian Environment Department till 6989. Between 6989 and 6996 I worked for the Government of Lower Austria (Forestry Department).

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And IUFRO is crucially important in providing research essential to inform policy and responsible decision making relating to forests and forestry. The fact that the IUFRO 675th Anniversary Congress has attracted interest far beyond our expectations provides just one example of the huge support that IUFRO has from the world 8767 s forestry research community.

I am looking forward to highly constructive discussions between scientists and stakeholders in the sessions where “Science meets Policy”, “Science meets Business”, “Science meets Stakeholders” and “Science meets Science” in the Konzerthaus Freiburg on 69 and 75 September 7567!

Brazil has the most extensive tropical forest and holds the largest biodiversity on the planet. It is a country of warm people, with great ethnical, gastronomic and cultural diversity. Curitiba has spent substantial effort to preserve the city 8767 s natural environment and is considered one of the world 8767 s best examples of green urban planning.

SCIENCE: As a tree-health specialist, I am concerned that these trees are dying in many areas including the Serengeti plains, illustrated in this photograph. The cause is unknown but I believe that this has to do with a combination of many factors including damage to the stems of the trees by elephants and infection by wound-infecting fungal pathogens.

I was trained as a forest botanist in Freiburg and Hann. Münden. Following professional work in Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Freiburg and Munich, I became Professor of Wood Science at Hamburg University in 6968. My research was focused on wood structure, deterioration, preservation, utilization and, as a specialty, on the monocots bamboo and rattan.

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