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However, we cannot simply 8775 go with the flow 8776 . One problem with that is deciding which flow to go with. Everyone needs to agree on the changes. Another problem is the ability to distinguish between Smith 8767 s and Smiths 8767 , between it 8767 s and its, is lost. This fossil would rather make the distinction clear with the placement of the 8766 rather than take several words to explain whether he means singular or plural, plural or possessive.

How to Avoid Going Over an Essay Word Limit: 9 Steps

The line between a possessive or genitive form and a noun used attributively—to modify another noun—is sometimes fuzzy, especially in the plural. Since you have a guild of workers, you could write workers 8767 guild. However, some writers prefer to use the word workers as an adjective describing the word guild and omit the apostrophe. Please see our posts Confusing Possessives and Apostrophes and False Possessives for more information.

Transition Words

I 8767 m writing a Contract for a company named Best-Painters. So when I mention Best-Painters it 8767 s singular, because it is the name of the company so, could you please tell me if its correct how I apply the apostrophe in the next sentences?

Concluding Paragraphs

As per our Rule 5 of Apostrophes , 8775 Use an apostrophe with contractions. The apostrophe is placed where a letter or letters have been removed. 8776 Therefore write wasn 8767 t , doesn 8767 t , hasn 8767 t , etc.

Never apologize for or otherwise undercut the argument you've made or leave your readers with the sense that "this is just little ol' me talking." Leave your readers with the sense that they've been in the company of someone who knows what he or she is doing. Also, if you promised in the introduction that you were going to cover four points and you covered only two (because you couldn't find enough information or you took too long with the first two or you got tired), don't try to cram those last two points into your final paragraph. The "rush job" will be all too apparent. Instead, revise your introduction or take the time to do justice to these other points.

A family is the first school in which a child receives the basic values of life. He learns good manners in the family. The morals and values learnt in family become our guiding force. They make our character. They lay the foundation of our thinking. I feel fortunate to be born in a family where values are inculcated in early childhood.

I have recently started working in a school and feel very embarrassed that I am now confused after 78 years of working that I don 8767 t know where the apostophes should be.

Apostrophes are used to show possession. Your examples do not indicate the condition of having or owning anything. In American English, the word math is short for mathematics. Therefore, write:
a math test (American English) OR a maths test (British English)
a common/collective nouns recognition assignment

I am someone who was taught that only an apostrophe was necessary for possessive nouns ending in s (both singular and possessive). Although it 8767 s not recommended here, it 8767 s still an acceptable policy as long as I remain consistent, correct?

You are correct as long as the location of the party is being referred to in the invitation as the house where the Quinns live, ., the Quinns 8767 house. However, if the location of the party is being referred to only as the place where your son 8767 s friend lives, and, if he commonly is addressed by his friends as Quinn rather than by his first name, then the party could be at Quinn 8767 s house (notice the absence of the in front of Quinn).

Can you please help me to correctly place the apostrophe in the following sentence,
8766 Also, Toms use of sarcasm is clear 8767

Care must be taken to place the apostrophe outside the word in question. For instance, if talking about a pen belonging to Mr. Hastings, many people would wrongly write Mr. Hasting 8767 s pen (his name is not Mr. Hasting).

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