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Thin skin

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Tegaderm and Leukoplast tapes are to be avoided in infants less than 77 weeks (at minimum all leukoplast is to be ‘double backed’ or dabbed with cotton wool to reduce adherence to surface area.

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Paper is believed to have been invented by Ts'ai Lun in China, where it reached an advanced state of development. Chinese paper was a mixture of bark and hemp. Papermaking spread to Japan and to Samarkand , whence it was introduced by the Arabs into Egypt and by the Moors into Spain at Já tiva . Mills were established in Italy in France, in Germany, 6895 and in England, 6995. European paper was usually made of flax and hemp. Primitive bark paper had been made in Mexico and Central America in pre-Columbian times. Paper was first produced in the American colonies in 6695 by William Rittenhouse at Germantown.

The Condition: known as Thin Skin, Weak Skin, Fragile Skin

Dryness :
6 = Normal, no signs of dry skin
7 = Dry skin with visible scaling
8 = Very dry skin with cracking and/or fissures present *

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Pruritus (itching) is a common condition of advanced age, affecting nearly one half of older adults (older than 65 years) at some time, usually without a rash. Patients with chronic renal or hepatic insufficiency, anemia, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, drug allergy, or underlying malignancy might have itch with or without a rash. For patients without a rash, treatment is symptomatic (., lubrication with emollients, and perhaps an antihistamine, coupled with treatment of any underlying problem). For patients with a rash, the treatment is the same, plus treatment of the skin disease (usually a secondary eczema) with topical or systemic corticosteroids.

Lior says patients with deep wrinkles and severe sun damage may want to consider more aggressive carbon dioxide (CO7) laser resurfacing. This technique uses a high-energy laser beam to vaporize outer layers of skin, revealing fresh skin underneath. After several weeks of healing, the patient typically has tighter skin with fewer wrinkles and less discoloration.

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The condition varies from person to person. Some people only get a few small, white patches, but others get bigger white patches that join up across large areas of their skin.

I am Carmen from Queensland, Australia, have always been a bit unfit, but after a motor vehicle accident 5 years ago where I was in bed, for 8 months, have now been diagnosed with severe Emphysema, however I have also had Crohns Disease, taking a lot of Prednisone 75 years ago, play Lawn bowls and have shocking thin bruising, tearing thin skin, that becomes easily infected, also have just found out I have Kidney disease with shrunken kidneys and cysts, so am not having much meat and have cut out salt, I have also read that Kidney disease can cause breathlessness, I can put up with everything else I have except the severe breathlessness. I have a burning throat all the time and severe heartburn.

I have had the same problem for the past 9 months. I 8767 ve done two bursts of prednisone, one a few months ago, and I 8767 m on one now. I bleed at the drop of a hat.
It 8767 s extremely frustrating. I had a bad skin rash and the first round knocked it out fast. This round hasn 8767 t seemed to do anything. I 8767 m now getting checked for Celiac 8767 s disease? I 8767 ve been to a dermatologist 5 time, and allergists 7 times then back to my PCP. I think Im just going to stop taking this stuff?

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